Sunday, March 26

March Madness

As I sit here on Sunday March 26, 2006, about to start watching the UConn- GMU game all I can do is wish for the upset. I don’t want to see a team that has mailed it in for the first 3 games of the NCAA tournament. I never really liked UConn to being with. I think they are very well coached team, but lazy. The guy I think is the laziest is Rudy Gay. Here is a guy who is very attractive to NBA scouts because of his size and athleticism, but he is lazy. He doesn’t look like a number 1 overall pick, but still thinks he is. I don’t like the way he plays. I’ve seen him play close to 15 times this year and like I said he looks lazy. He takes off plays on D, he doesn’t give his all on O. The guy on UConn who I feel should go number 1 overall is Marcus Williams. This is a guy who had to overcome the stolen computer scandal and he is still playing like an All-American. I would love for the Celtics to pick up this guy with their number 1 pick.
But onto what I really want to talk about…
As much as I am rooting against Uconn today, I want to talk about how exciting this year March Madness has been. Every game has come down to the final minutes, and it seems that every game has been close (a game decided by less than 10: 20 First round games, 9 second round games, 7 third round games, and so far 2 for 2 in the elite 8 round. 66% fall under that category.) It seems like every other game is either an OT game, or a buzzer beater game. Every game has kept me on the edge of my seat. If March Madness can be like this every year, I don’t think anyone would ever be upset.
With that said the best game to date has been the UCLA-Gonazaga game. UCLA overcame a huge second half deficit, and scored the final 11 points of the game, including that miraculous steal and lay-up.
What a tournament and since my bracket is done, I think Uconn and Vill are going to win today setting up an LSU-UCLA and Vill-Uconn final four with a UCLA victory over Uconn in the finals. happy watching the rest of today’s games and next weeks final four. We all know the games will be great.
later this week i will talk about the upcoming baseball season. as well as maybe a little bsketball