Monday, February 27

The long anticipated ramblings

It’s been a while since my last post, so let us start by saying I am very excited for the baseball season. I can’t believe it’s already here. I am not going to come out with my full baseball preview just yet, but let me say that I think the Red Sox, the White Sox, and the Cardinals have the best shot at winning the World Series. The Blue Jays and the Brewers look like intriguing teams….
Onto the NBA, with the All Star weekend finished the playoff picture is coming into focus. The pistons look like they are going to run away with the east, but for some reason they remind me of the Colts in football, hot start then cool off a bit and then stumble in the playoffs. If that were to happen I think the Heat will go on a run and reach the NBA finals. Out of the west I like the Suns. They are rolling right now and they don’t have Amare back yet. When he gets back they will be even so much better. Of course the Mavs and the Spurs are still in the west but right now they are on course to play each other in the second round and the winner will lose to the suns in the conference finals. My first half MVP is Elton Brand (25.5PPG 10.3RPG 2.6BPG) while leading the surprising Clippers to second place in the Pacific. Honorable mention goes to LeBron James. My Rookie of the Year is Chris Paul (16.3PPG 7.7APG 2.2SPG) while leading the NOK Hornets to a 31-25 record…
Onto the NFL. This past weekend was the NFL Combine. We saw some athletes increase their standings and some decrease. I think the athlete that screwed himself over the most was Vince Young. He apparently scored a 6 on his Wonderlic test, his agent claims he scored a 16. Either was he did not make himself appealing to NFL teams. To put this into perspective Matt Leinhart scored a 35 while Jay Cutler scored a 29, both are respectable scores. According to an anonymous scout when asked if Young was still a top 5 pick he answered "Sure … as a wide receiver, though." This isn’t a good thing for Vince Young and this only furthers my opinion that Vince Young will be an overrated QB in the NFL. We see this happen in every sport. A guy getting hot late in his last season, raising his stock and then a team wasting a pick on said player…
Final Thoughts…. Just wanted to mention the Olympics, I take pride in being one of the few who actually watched the Olympics because I care about my country. There are too many people in the US that doesn’t care about it, and all they care about it themselves. It’s upsetting when I read the ratings each week and see that American Idol is getting more viewers than the Olympics. Americans need to take a long hard look at themselves and learn to care about something other than themselves. The IOC needs to come up with some new and more exciting games so Americans can watch. No one in American wants to watch curling, or skeleton. They should have more skiing and snowboarding events because young Americans like those, and that is where they are losing viewers.
Next on Sportspop… we’ll take a more in depth look at the upcoming baseball season. As well as looking into the stretch run of the NBA.

Wednesday, February 8

Super Bowl Commercials

top 5
5. Budwiser Streaker
4. Touch football game
3. Fixing the Roof
2. Career Builder Donkeys in the office
1. Magic Fridge

JJ Redick

First off a few quick words on the Super Bowl. I was rooting for the Seahawks, I had money on them as well, but let me say this; the refs didn’t blow the game, sure they made some bad calls but championship teams know how to overcome those mistakes. As a game it was lousy. Poorly played by both teams and I didn’t even see an MVP but I guess Ward had to get it. The commercials of the Super Bowl were sub-par as well. The best commercial was the magic fridge. But on to one of the best college basketball games I have ever seen. The Duke-UNC game last night was incredible. We saw a young UNC team overcome a 17 point 2nd half deficit to take the lead only to have their youth and inexperience catch up with them. In this game a guy name JJ Redick absolutely blew up he was held to only 13 first half points, but exploded for 25 including that behind the back step back three to put Duke up 7 late in the game. We are watching arguably the best shooter in college basketball ever. Let me just say here that I HATE Duke, I am a huge UNC fan but I love watching JJ play. He can fill up the nets like no one I have ever seen. With all that said he is still too short to play the 2 in the NBA, and I don’t know if he can play the 1, but the scouts all say he will be an awesome pro so I agree with them. I can see how they say that. He gets his shot off no matter who guards him; he also has the ability to drive to the hole where he is automatic from the line. I am very excited to watch JJ play for the rest of the season, as well as seeing him cut down the nets, because Duke is the best team in college ball this year and then watch him continue his legacy in the NBA.