Thursday, April 27

West Preview

NBA Playoffs Western Conference Preview

SA Versus Sac

The Spurs cruised to the number 1 seed in the west with an injured Duncan. He is still being hobbled by that injury, but don’t expect him to be that affected by it in this series. The Kings played great ball once they got Artest. He has been that shutdown defender they needed. But he won’t have the offensive firepower, or the defensive ability to shutdown Duncan. With that said they can still win 1 maybe a second so I have the Spurs in 6

Dallas versus Memphis

I originally had Dallas in 3 but that was when I thought the series was a best of 5, so I know have them in 4. Dallas has been playing the best overall basketball this entire season and Memphis won’t have a prayer in this series.

LA Clippers versus Denver

I loooove the Clippers. I have been a Clipper fan for a few years and I think this year they have a very well balanced team. They have Cassell at the point, Brand and Kamen inside, they have Cat at the wing, and they have Shaun coming off the bench with Radmonovich (who was acquired in a mid-season trade from Seattle). The Clippers haven’t won a playoff series since 1993, but they hold home court advantage in this series even though they are the lower seed. Cassell will pound the ball into Kamen and Brand, who should have been MVP, and hit the open jumper when needed. I have the Clippers in 5

Phoenix versus LAL

The Lakers have Kobe; Phoenix has everyone else that is worth mentioning. This should be an easy series for the Suns, but it won’t. Kobe will steal a bunch of wins for the Lakers, right now the series is 1-1. Kobe is very good. Kobe will show the world why people compare him to Jordan and why he wanted to lead this team without Shaq, because as long as Shaq was on his team he wouldn’t be help up as high without him. So he got rid of Shaq and now we will see why. In the end I have the Suns in 6.

Second Round

Dallas versus SAS

Like I said before, Dallas has been playing the best basketball all year. The Spurs are the defending champs, but their run will end here. The Mavs have the bodies to stop Duncan. I think Terry can shut down Parker. I think Manu will get some points, but it won’t be enough. Dirk is playing his best ball yet, and he will lead the Mavs into the conference finals with a huge game 7 victory.

LA Clippers versus Phoenix

The Suns know how to win in the playoffs. The Clippers don’t. The Clippers will have the advantage on the inside because Thomas can’t stop Brand. But the Suns have the advantage on the outside and with the fastbreak. This series will be very exciting to watch and very well played. In the end the Clippers will give a valiant effort, but they are still a year or two away from really contending in the West, and lose in 6.

Western Conference Finals

Dallas versus Phoenix

This will also be an amazing series to watch. The series has two very offensively talented teams who can also play some D. The Suns have the better guard play, while the Mavs have better big men, especially because Amare isn’t playing. This series will also go to the max and much to the dismay of some friends (Jon, Yosef, Yosef) I think Dirk will dominate the series and the Mavs can play D now with Coach of the year Avery Johnson that they will have the ability to pull out the series win. Also there isn’t a way the Suns can win the whole thing without Amare. Dallas in 7

NBA Finals preview coming later

Wednesday, April 26

NBA Playoffs Cont.

So apparently I’m not such a good basketball fan because I forgot that all rounds of the playoffs are now best of 7, I still had the first round pegged at 5. So that changes up some things because Dallas can’t win in 3. But anyway I will correct those errors as well as add some in depth reasons for my picks.

Detroit versus Milwaukee

I think that Detroit is the most talented team in the East. They can dominate the ball on the inside with the presence of the two Wallace’s. They control the boards on both ends of the court. In the back court the Pistons have Billups who is one of the best big game performs in some time. He just raises his game to the next level in big situations. With that said the Bucks have some talented big men as well, including four 7 footers, but only Redd can lead them to a victory and he will, but just one win. Pistons in 5.

NJ Nets versus Ind

The Nets played very well in the second half which lead to the Atlantic Division title. The Nets are led by a trio of Kidd, Jefferson, and Carter. I am probably the biggest anti Vince Carter fan out there, I can’t stand this guy. He is extremely cocky, complains about setting a bad example for kids by scoring 81 in a game. He needs to stop complaining and mailing it in. With that said the Nets did play well as a team, but they just don’t have the big men to stop O’neal. In my upset special I have IND winning in 7.

Miami versus Chicago

This series won’t even be close. Miami is the more dominant team, and they have Shaq, who contrary to what everyone has said all year, just mailed it in the past year and will turn it up another gear for the playoffs. We saw that in the first two games, this guy can still dominate a game. Oh and they have DWade. This kid is ridiculously good. He keeps on getting better and sure having a big man like Shaq opens the lane up enough for mighty mouse to increase his numbers, but he had a breakout year as a rookie without Shaq. I have Miami in 5 over the Bulls.

Cleveland versus Washington

LeBron LeBron LeBron. We are truly watching greatness. He showed that in game one of this series when he become the second youngest player to record a triple double in a NBA playoff game. He can dominate both ends of the floor. No one can stop him, and I think he will start his climb to being the next MJ in the playoffs of this year. Washington played well all year, fought off some injuries to lock up the fifth seed of the playoffs, but LeBron will be too dominant and will lead the Cavs to victory in 6.

Second Round

Detroit versus Cleveland

Detroit again will have the advantage inside in this series. Z can maybe take Ben Wallace out of his game, but Gooden can’t take care of Rasheed. No one on Detroit can take LeBron but his supporting cast isn’t good enough for them to take down Detroit unless, and I can see this happening, Detroit stays as cocky as they are now. A decent team can take them out with the way they are playing now, but I don’t think that will happen. I think Flip will knock some sense into their heads and Detroit will win the series in 6, but if for whatever reason Flip doesn’t know some sense into his players look for the Cavs to win in 7

Miami versus IND

Again Miami will be the dominant team in this series. The Pacers will exert a lot of effort to get past the Nets and thus causing a letdown in this series. Shaq will have his way versus anyone IND can throw at him and DWade will be unstoppable. This will be an easy series win for Miami in 5 games.

Eastern Conference Finals

Miami versus Detroit

This will be a great match-up. I am very excited to see this match-up happen. We will see Shaq battle the Wallace’s and we will see DWade battle Billups. This series can and will go the complete 7 games because these two teams are very close in talent. Last year Miami came within 1 game of beating the Pistons without a healthy Shaq or DWade, and now Miami has that and also added Walker, Williams, and James Posey who in these first two games of the first round showed he can hit that open trey. I’m taking Miami in 7.

Coming tomorrow will be the West preview.

Friday, April 21

NBA Playoffs

I just wanted to put my predictions down before the playoffs started, and I will go into greater detail next week ...
First Round
Detroit over Milwaukee in 4. Redd can get 1 win for his team.
Miami over Chicago in 4.
Upset Special. Pacers over NJ Nets in 5
Cleveland over Wash. In 4. LeBron is going to shine.
Second Round
Detroit over Cleveland in 7. I really really want to take the Cavs in this series, but
I think I will be the only person outside of Cleveland to think that.
Miami over IND. in 6. Wade is too strong.
Conference Finals
Miami over Det. in 7. DWade has taken his game to a whole new level and this will be one of the best series in some time if Cleveland upsets the Pistons.

First round

SA over Sac in 5. Duncan is too good.
Dallas Over Memphis in 3. Dark Horse Watch.
LA Clippers over Den. in 4. I really like the Clippers.
Phoenix over LAL in 5. Kobe will give Nash and the Suns all they can handle.
Second Round
Dallas over SAS in 7. Again one of the greatest playoff series in some time.
Phoenix over LAC in 6. Clippers give a valiant effort but fall short to the better team.
Conference Finals
Dallas over Phoenix in 7. Sorry Jon and Yosef. I just think the Suns can't win it all without Amere

NBA Finals
Dallas over Miami in 6. Mavs have the D, and they have the best player in the series (The big German).

Overall this will be the best NBA playoffs since I can remember. I am very excited for the playoffs.
Again next week I will go into greater detail.