Tuesday, December 27

Back To Their Winning Ways!

Raise your hand if you want to play the Patriots in the playoffs…I’m waiting…..still waiting… yea that’s what I thought no one does. Not after the Pats won their 6th of 7 to push their record to 10-5. Not after the way they dominated both sides of the ball last night in the final MNF game on ABC. The Patriots demoralized the Jets with two touchdowns by Vrabel and by ball control; they controlled the ball for 43+ minutes of the game. They also didn’t allow a first down in the first half and by the time the Jets got a first down it was with less then 6 minutes left in the 3rd and the Jets trailing 28-7. The Patriots also continued to move up in the defensive rankings, with their dominant performance last night they moved up to 4th in the league in rushing yards allowed, they were 27th back when they were 4-4. They also moved up to 17th in the league in PPG; they now allow only 20.6 points a game, up from 30th in the league when they were 4-4. So I ask you again who wants to play the Patriots. Not even the Colts. They see the Patriots in their rearview mirror and all of a sudden the monkey on Manning’s back, which he thought he got rid of this past November, is looming large. A few weeks ago when I mentioned how the Patriots were going to make a run in the playoffs everyone laughed at me, but now I’m waiting for that AFC championship game when the Pats go into Indy, most likely as ‘dogs, and win that game and go on to win their 3rd Super Bowl in a row and show everyone once again that it’s not how you start a season, but how you finish and the Patriots are the best finishers in this decade.

Thursday, December 22

The Boston Red Sox 2006 AD (After Damon)

After having some time to think and clear my head after hearing the horrible news and seeing Damon with no beard or long hair, it got me thinking about how we can be a better team without him. The red sox now need to replace a leadoff man and a CF to go along with needing to find a shortstop, more relief help, and another starter perhaps. I suggested in my column from yesterday that the Sox trade with TB for Lugo and Gathright. I still think they should do this. You trade Marte, Clement and Bronson, and perhaps Mota for Lugo and Gathright. We get rid of a prospect, who could be amazing (key word being "could") and some mediocre pitchers plus a good reliever for two speedy guys who can both leadoff and play good defense. We also have the situation with Wells, we can now trade him to SD, they just got rid of Eaton, for some relief help. And then we go out and give Kevin Millwood 5 years for 55mil, pretty much the money they were going to spend on Damon. These moves seem obvious, but that's because they are. All these moves can be done and should be done. The next thing we need to do is convince Manny that he needs to stay. Give him whatever he wants. Again that is easier said than done, but again Manny wants to be traded every off-season. If we can do these moves our lineup will be:

Lugo SS
Loretta 2B
Papi DH
Manny LF
Nixon RF
Lowell 3B
Yuk 1B
Gathright CF
our starters will be:
Bullpen will be:
Pitcher from SD

I think this team is far superior than the Yankees in terms of pitching, and hitting we aren't too shabby.
we also have to remember that Damon is a .334 hitter in Fenway, with only a .298 avg on the road, his OBP is .391 in Fenway while .342 away, and OPS is .832 at Fenway while .780 away. All those away numbers are good, but not 13 mil good.

Wednesday, December 21

Bye Bye Jesus

When I first heard the news about Damon leaving the Sox I was pissed. I was even more pissed to hear he went to the hated Yankees. This is a guy who 7 months ago said this...
"I want to stay here, but I may walk and go home. I might shut it down in a couple of years.
"There's no way I can go play for the Yankees, but I know they are going to come after me hard. It's definitely not the most important thing to go out there for the top dollar, which the Yankees are going to offer me. It's not what I need.
"I'd like to finish my career here [Boston]. I'm not sure they'll let me do it, if they offer me [only] two or three years [on a contract]. I want at least four or five. "
now this guy is with the Evil Empire.
The worst part about this isn't that Damon left us, it's that he leaves us without a perennial leadoff hitter. He left us without the quote in clubhouse. He left us without Jesus. There are potential replacements for both which I will get to later, but the reason why IM pissed the most is because now I have to out up with the Yankee fans. Prime example, I was sitting in class today and this kid, who 2 years ago was trying to argue that Chad Pennington is a better QB than Brady, so keep that in mind, and he walks in saying "give the Yankees the world series title" and I was thinking this guy has no idea what he was talking about, yes this does cripple the Sox, but it doesn't give the Yankees an huge edge over us. He went on to cite a fan poll on ESPN.com that stated over 65% of people now say the Yankees will win the division. Anyway on to the potential replacements, the Globe lists about 15 possible replacements, I think the best possible replacements could be via trade.
the first of which is Torii Hunter. He would easily replace Damon's defense, but that would still leave us without a leadoff man. The next of which is Joey Gathright, he is speedy enough to cover center field at Fenway and he can bat leadoff, and while we are dealing with TB we can maybe pry Julio Lugo out of them as well, who can also bat leadoff. Personally I like Hunter just as much as the next fan, but I think a deal with TB for both Lugo and Gathright for Marte and perhaps Bronson or Clement.
anyway mark down December 20th as the new night for the last supper.

Friday, December 16

Football Picks

Home Teams in CAPS

PATS (-4.5) over Tb
Couple of stats for you to sit on... Brady 14-0 in cold weather games, Tampa is 2-21 lifetime when the mercury hits below 40. Plus you've got Chris Simms Vs. Bill, yea I'll take the Pats too.
kc(+3) over NYG
Kc needs the win for the playoffs, the G-men, not so much. Quick thought on Eli...
He's looked good at times, but I'm sick of all the Giant fans talking about this guy like he is a Hall Of Famer if he retires tomorrow. He has 9 redzone INT's on the season, and did you see him try and hand the game over to the Eagles last week? With even a semicompotant QB, the Eagles would have won.
DEN(-9) over Bills
The Bills can't stop the run, Denver can run the ball on anyone. The Bills have allowed 30+ PPG in their current losing streak, Den knows how to score points. Yea I got the broncos too.
Pitt(-3) over MINN
The Steelers are too physical for the Vike's run defense. The Steeler backs will run all over them. The Vike's haven't beaten anyone good on their 6 game win streak. Pitt will be to tough to handle.
Sd (+7.5) over INDY (upset special)
This game is a tough one. one team (SD) is fighting for their playoff lives and another loss puts them on a golf course come Jan. The other (INDY) is looking to go undefeated, and with a win this week will get them to 14-0, but my gut tells me that LDT will have a huge all around game (another passing TD perhaps?) and SD will win in a close one.
JAX(-15.5) over Sf.
Nothing to write here
Sea(-7) over TENN
Tenn wants Bush, Sea wants home field throughout the playoffs. Sea wins.
Arizona (-1.5) over Houston.
Since no one will be watching this game I'll take the time to talk about the comeback of Grant Hill. This is the ultimate team guy, and he can't buy a break. He is always injured. If it isn't his ankle its his hernia, or his knee, it's sad. This guy was Lebron James before we ever knew who LBJ was. He was supposed to be as great as Magic. Its upsetting to see what happened to his career. Wednesday night he made a triumphant return, in MSG none-the-less, and played a good game (7 points in 23 min.) it's good to have him back and I wish him nothing but success.
Miami(-9) over NYJ
the Jets blew their chances at the number one pick, Reggie Bush, so now they hope to lose the rest of their games so they can maybe get Matt. Miami has won three in a row and look like the token "come out of nowhere and shock the NFL by making the SB" team next yr.
NO(+9) over Car
I don't like Carolina. They are not showing me anything this year, but everyone slurps them all day long I don't get it.
Dallas (+3) over WASH
Dallas need a win for a chance to tie the G-men for first in the NFC east. Plus they want to avenge that embarrassing MNF loss to the 'Skins.
Cincy(-8) over DET.
Cincy good, Det. Bad.
Cleveland (+3) over OAK
I like Crenel, probably has something to do with the fact that he used to coach the Pats.
Phily (+3.5) over STL.
Philly is playing with a little heart, while STL is playing with a Harvard grad at QB.
CHI (-3) over Atl
Chicago is looking to re-establish themselves as a team to beat in the NFC.
BAL (-3.5) over Gb
who cares?

Wednesday, December 14

24 reasons why Manny MUST Stay!!

24. He is funny to watch in the field. He can make even the most routine play look exciting.
23. He wears ski hats during the summer. Everyone remembers him sliding into the wall to make a catch and his hat flying off to reveal a ski hat.
22. "Manny Being Manny". Those are the best T-shirts.
21. He is a 9 time All-Star.
20. He is a 7 time Silver Slugger.
19. He will never win a gold glove and we love that about him.
18. He hits HR's. That's all he does. He may complain off the field, but he always produces on it.
17. He wears the Oakley sunglasses with the MP3's in them during games.
16. Is there anyone you would rather have up with the bases loaded?
15. We won't get equal value. Trading Manny for anyone other than Pujols is like trading Pamela Anderson for that token girl in any Adam Sandler movie. She is a good actress, she may even be a little cute, and by the end of the movie you may even find her hot, but she doesn't have Pamela's "assets".
14. We wouldn't have a site http://www.keepmanny.com/ with over 65,000 people saying things they would do to keep Manny.
13. "Manny Being Manny" did I mention I love that slogan?
12. If we trade Manny who can we blame when things start to go sour? It's like when you always tell your teacher that your dog ate your homework, but then your teacher found out your dog is dead. You can't use the excuse anymore.
11. No one will pitch to PAPI, thus causing us to trade Manny and PAPI. (Figuratively, of course)
Quick Side note.

I hate Time Warner Cable. The on demand never works, and the Tivo is screwed up. Every other day I'm on the phone with them. I'm not sure how TWC get away with having a monopoly in the city.

10. It would leave us without that character in the clubhouse.
9. He always knows how to take a day off at the most inopportune time.
8. "Manny Being Manny" he even said that about himself.
7. He is a guy who can carry you on his back for a month while the rest of the team is struggling.
6. He can't have any weird nicknames like "Jeter swallows" or "Gay-Rod".
5. He always has crazy hair.
4. I wouldn't have an article to write on him.
3. Without him we wouldn't have the token "he didn't run to first on a groundout in TB when we are winning 17-1" play.
2. The Red Sox would not be as fun to watch.
And finally.....
1. "Manny Being Manny" without him it would be "Nixon Being Nixon". Yea I like the first one better too.

coming soon my picks for football this weekend.

Tuesday, December 13

Trouble in Wade county

An unfortunate tragedy in the porno world occurred yesterday; Ron Jeremy stepped down as the coach of the Miami Heat. This story shocked the core of the porno world.. http://www.slamonline.com/links/seperated.jpg
Now back to being serious. Stan Van Gundy resigned yesterday as coach of the Heat, and of course Pat Riley is now taking over. Does this shock anyone? Of course not, Riley has been trying to get rid of Stan since the off-season. Stan Wasn't the one who blew up a team that was 1 win away from the NBA finals with an injured Shaq, and a hurt Wade. Why bring in Antoine "all I do is shoot and miss 3's" Walker, and Jason "I try to play point, but I can't" Williams. Those moves were Riley's moves. He wanted to bring those guys in. It made no sense then, it still makes no sense as they are 11-10, and it cost a man his job.

a few quick words on the MNF game....
I hope Vick is not seriously hurt. I enjoy watchin the man play football. Does this mean I think they will make the playoffs? No I do not, but I enjoy watchin him play.

Monday, December 12

My Brother's Ramblings

A quick introduction before we get to my recap of the week that was in sports. I’m Josh; Eli’s older and sometime wiser, always funnier, brother. Since this my first venture to online blogging, I will make some general sports/ESPN comments before we get to the good stuff. It’s sorta like the first few seasons of the Simpsons, which had great social commentary. But as the seasons became decades, the ideas started to run dry. First there were 70% good shows. Then 50 then 20 and finally about 1 really good episode a year if you clip all the good lines together. That analogy works for me except that I will be going strong well into my thirties.

A condolence to the Pryor family. Richard was a legend and his work in Superman 3 will never be forgotten.

How amazing is the map of the US that ESPN.com has that shows the state-by-state breakdown of the online polls. It shows us a few things. First, there are only 5 people in the following states; Alaska, Montana, North and South Dakota (combined), Idaho, and Wyoming. I mean even Rhode Island has more people voting. Second, fans will vote for their teams no matter how obvious the truth is. (This especially applies to the Boston fans, however the Pats WILL repeat as Super Bowl Champs…..more on this latter).

Let’s start with the Heisman. Just one comment. Whoever, didn’t vote for Reggie Bush (at all) should have their voting rights suspended. Apparently he was only listed on 99% of the ballots. That means someone (probably from Texas) voted for Vince Young for first place, Brady Quinn for second place and probably Matt Leinart for third, just to make sure Reggie Bush wouldn’t get his vote. This should be illegal. If the Texas fans, and to a lesser extent the ND fans, wanted to vote for their QB (or both) that still leaves Bush for number 3. How does he not get the nod? Beats me.

On to baseball. I had the great honor to meet, in my opinion, the hosts of one of the best sports shows on TV or Radio. Mike and Mike from ESPN radio. I asked Mike Golic, “Why would either team (Texas and Washington) make the Soriano trade?” His answer, “I don’t know either.” I just wanted to put that in my blog.

I like the Manny for Miggy trade talk. Now, Miggy says he doesn’t want to be traded. YOU KIDDIN ME? Of course he does. Who wouldn’t want to play for a World Series contender? A team with a devout following worldwide, that idolizes its players. A team that creates websites to keep players that want to leave. (Maybe that question should be left unanswered). But seriously, aside from the 2 G’s replacing the 2 N’s, it would be like Manny moving to short, playing great D, and being a real team leader. There would be negligible drop-off in offensive production and we can again claim we have a better shortstop than either one on the Yanks. Also, Miggy is 29 to Manny’s 33.

The Blue Jays and Mets are morons. Nothing else to add. Who gives a closer more money than career saves? Who gives a 47-year-old player anything other than a coaching job?

I don’t know what to think of JJ Redick. Another ‘Great White Hype’ or another ‘Great Duke Hype’?

Pats and Corey Dillon are finally getting better. As long as the defense holds up, there is a serious chance of, dare I say, three-peat. Brady is the number 2 QB in the league (Yes, Manning is better despite never winning the Big One) and can be a flamethrower when he wants to. Defense shut down a pathetic offense but it was good practice.

Seattle is making a serious threat to only be a 7-point underdog to Indy in the Super Bowl. They are crushing crappy teams but that’s what great teams do. (Except Indy let Jax get 15 points in the fourth). I mean look at the G-Men. Manning Jr. let the Eagles get back in the game when he threw 3 picks down the stretch in crunch time. Minnesota will make the playoffs and Dallas will drop out. Call me crazy, but I think Kansas City will get the last AFC playoff spot. Houston will win Reggie Bush except that Bush will then decide to go back to USC rather than take a beating because the O-Line sucks.

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed the show. Check back later in the week for mailbag comments.

Football Ramblings

A few quick hits about Sunday football...
you may think I'm biased, or that they haven't played anyone good, but the Patriots are starting to come around. They beat the teams they are supposed to beat and they are finally getting healthy. I'll give them a punchers chance to go past the first round of the playoffs and perhaps give Indy a run for their money....
speaking of Indy, they look incredible. We are watching the greatest combo (Manning and Harrison) since Starsky & Hutch. They can and will go undefeated...
the Chargers most likely blew their playoff hopes with a crushing loss to the 'fins, also can we please start callin LaDainian Tomlinson, LDT and not LT....
Big wins by both the G-men and Cincy. Kicking late FG's to win games was clutch....
And Jay Feeley finally getting one through the uprights. That has to boost his confidence...
I can't get a solid read on TB, they look good some weeks, but other weeks they look bad. I also will not take anything from their game yesterday because I think the panthers are a joke....
I feel bad for Jet fans and Packer fans. They both lost out on the Reggie Bush sweepstakes....
Kudos to the Texans, that is a franchise that knows how to lose football games so they can get Reggie Bush. I mean come on that last FG attempt that they missed wasn't even close. They clearly had no intentions of winning that game....
That's all for now. Check back soon for more.

Saturday, December 10


Ok as I sat in front of my TV for 55 min all I saw was nothing. Why does ESPN carry 55 min of nothing? They could just be like here's the Heisman winner. Don't have a 1 hour thing about nothing. We have all seen the highlights of Reggie, Vince, and Matt. Heck, we watched all their games this year. But don't make me waste an hour of time trying to watch the presentation. But, Reggie did deserve to win the Heisman and now we wait for some exciting times. The first of which is the Reggie Bush sweepstakes. We get to see the Jets and Texans lose their games to try and get the chance to draft the man. And the second event is the national title game. We finally got it right, and by we I mean the BCS. Wake up and make a playoff already.
more to come soon.

Friday, December 9


The Latest rumors about Miggy on the trading block have got me all excited. The thought of having him play short for the Red Sox would be incredible. It would be even better if we don't have to give up Manny to get him. Think of the possible lineup if we keep Manny and resign Damon.
Damon CF
Loretta 2B
Papi DH
Manny LF
Miggy SS
Lowell 3B
Trot RF
Youk 1B

the sight of that makes me want baseball to start tomorrow.


I would like to welcome everyone to my new blog. In this space you will hear me comment, make an opinion, vent, and gloat when it comes to Boston sports. I will also discuss pop culture. Enjoy.