Friday, March 12

AI Season 9 Follow-up

**************Spoiler Alert**************

I have officially given up hope of the new season of American Idol turning itself around. Last night when Lilly Scott and Katelyn Epperly were kicked off for the girls, and Alex Lambert for the guys was eliminated, it showed that the people too have given up on the season.
Guys like Alex Lambert always do well on this show, just look at Jason Castro from a few seasons ago. He was a likeable guy who had the most unique voice amongst the guys, however it didn’t turn out that way. Andrew Garcia, who peaked way too early, and Tim Urban, who you knew once he started to sing Hallelujah that he was going to survive, survived. How do guys like Urban, or Paige Miles, or Didi Benami make it though when the people with greater talent do not?
One explanation is because this season is full of the singer/songwriter types. You have Crystal Bowersox, Lacey Brown from the girls who are all going to have the same fan bases as Lilly Scott. I thought her rendition of I fall to pieces was very good and she deserved to make it into the top 12. The reason Paige and Katie Stevens make it though is because they have their fan bases that vote for them. Paige has the gospel groups and Katie has the likeable “I am only 16 and cute” vibe to her, so she gets all the high school votes. It seems like that is the audience this year. The high schoolers are the only ones who continue to watch this show. Which is also shown through the expatriation of Todderick Hall’s time on the show. Normally he would pick up the Broadway musical fans, especially after Simon told him sounded like he belonged on stage, but he didn’t get the votes to survive.
The season only has 3 people that can carry the show now. I think Lee Dewyze is very talented, and so is Crystal and Casey James. I still think that Katie has a chance to sneak up on people especially now that she is in the top 12, an achievement I didn’t think she deserved after her performance this week, but the only way for her actually have a chance is for her to find herself. That can be a very tough assignment this far into the game and I fee like she will be out sooner than later, but that won't be the end of her time on AI. She will be back next year, if she chooses to try out.
Big Mike had a very powerful performance this week and I think it raised his stock into a dark horse candidate. He has a great back-story, plus a loveable personality. He is great up there on stage and he continues to grow each week.
Overall this season stinks, but yet I continue to watch to see how the singers grow week to week. I still like the finals to come down to Crystal and Casey. Let’s see if that holds true.
Next week I will break down and give you my March Madness predictions. Should be great.


Anonymous said...

you mean alex lambert not adam from last season!!

Anonymous said...

I actyally think that right now Big Mike is the one to beat with 2 great perdormances the last two weeks!!But i like casey james and dewyze too. i think if garcia comes out with another subpar performance this week he could be going home early and he was my favorite from hollywood week.