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American Idol Season 9

**********Spoiler Alert***********
If you haven’t seen this week’s performance of American Idol, do not read until you have viewed the episodes.
We are nearing the midway point of the ninth season of American Idol. As we stand today on Friday March 5th 2010, there are 16 contestants left, 8 guys and 8 girls. So far this season has been very subpar, and there are only about 4 people that have a good chance at winning this season. This season has already been unpredictable as 2 of the girls that I had rated in the top 5 at the beginning of the season have already been kicked off (Janell Wheeler and Michelle Delamor) and people like Didi Benami and Paige Miles are still around. Anyway I will rank the remaining guys and girls in order from best to worst, I came up with this list before the elimination show aired last night and I had three of the four correct contestants being eliminated. (I blundered on Michelle Delamor, as I had Didi Benami being sent home with her karaoke edition of Lean On Me). I had to rearrange a bit when Michelle, who I had ranked 4th, was kicked off. The guys I had spot on.

American Idol Season 9 Guys Rankings:

1: Casey James: This guy has excellent vocals and has a great sound. He looks like a rock star and has the potential to carry his own records for years to come. He takes songs and makes them his own and clearly has the look to win this competition. By pulling out the guitar and showing off his ability to play it, set him head and shoulders above everyone else. Kara has a huge crush on this guy, but despite that, he is clearly the guy to beat among the men.
2: Andrew Garcia: He knocked it out of the park in Hollywood week when his cover of Straight Up by Paula Abdul, and every week since we have been waiting for him to do the same or better. He may have peaked too early and that may hurt him in the long run because everyone is going to compare his performances with what he did in Hollywood week. Whether that is fair or not, that is the way American Idol works. However, with that said, he still has really good raw talent and natural ability, and we know what he can do with a song, and once he hits that again he will start flying in this competition.
3: Lee Dewyze: Now this is a guy who has a great and distinct sound. He sounds like he could be putting out his own albums and I would buy them. He has that raspy rocker sound that America has fallen fall. He is continuing to grow each week and if Andrew continues to slouch with his song choices Lee will overtake him at number two on this list. The only reason why he hasn’t yet is because we know where Andrew can go, however, Lee has yet to hit his full potential, but the possibilities are endless for him.
4: Alex Lambert: This kid has great natural and raw talent. He looks shy and awkward at times on stage, but his performance this week left him very vulnerable and he pulled it off. He was excellent this week. He made his performance of Everybody Knows his own and he is slowly creeping up this list, and is the dark horse in this competition, who I can see dueling it out with Casey as the last two men.
5: Aaron Kelly: This is another one of the young ones who has a very good voice, but the stage presence isn’t there. He had a decent performance of My Girl but he didn’t separate himself from the rest of the competition. He has the potential to go far in this competition, but we will have to wait to see if he can gain some more confidence and stage presence that will push him up this list.
6: Mike Lynche: Big Mike has some good vocals, but had some pitch problems this week. He needs to get in touch with some good soul songs so he can position himself to win this competition. As of now he is in the middle of the pack and seems more like someone who will be entertaining you in a hotel bar, and not the bright lights of Hollywood. He is dropping down this list each week with his subpar performances.
7: Tim Urban: He has a forgettable voice. Don’t take that the wrong way because clearly he is very talented, he is in the top 20, but what I mean by that is he sounds like so many other artists. He needs to take his voice to the next level and develop his own sound and if he does that he may be able to climb up this list and save himself. However, if he gives another lackluster performance like he did this week he will be sent home with Todderick Hall next week. (Unless only 1 person gets sent home next week)
8: Todderick Hall: This is the dancer who likes to sing, but he should stick to dancing. His performance this week earned him a ticket off this show, he was just saved by horrible performances by the two who were kicked off this week. He sounds like he is yelling, and he didn’t take the constructive criticism of the judges and looked stiff up there on stage. Unless he comes out next week and kills it, he should be sent packing next week.

American Idol Season 9 Girl Rankings:

1: Lilly Scott: She has the looks, she has the sound, she has the stage presence, and she is a great performer. She is clearly the favorite, even though Crystal might have had a slightly better performance this week, but who looks more like a singer than Lilly in this competition. This is her competition to lose amongst the girls. She looks great up on stage with a guitar and I look forward to her performance each and every week.
2: Crystal Bowersox: First off I’m glad she is feeling better, and what makes her performance this week even better is the fact that she was so sick and spent the night in the hospital and she comes back with that amazing performance. She has great vocals and an extremely powerful voice. However, what is, and will continue to hold her back is her look. She doesn’t have that superstar look. Her teeth, however, continue to gain whiteness week to week. With all that said, she has great natural talent and she will be in it at the end with a good chance to pull off the victory.
3: Katetlyn Epperly: How great did she look up there on stage? She looked amazing sitting behind that Piano; she is cute and has a very powerful voice. She has grown leaps and bounds since her audition and I am starting to like her more and more with each performance. Sure the song was a little slow and Ellen thought it would have made a babysitter’s job much easier, but the overall performance was spectacular and she will be around to stay.
4: Katie Stevens: Wow this girl is only 17, but she has an excellent look and reminds me a bit of Kelly Clarkson. However, she has yet to put it all together for an outstanding performance that I know she has in her. She has crazy raw talent and natural abilities on stage and looks like she belongs up there. Sadly, these characteristics can only carry her for so long, and unless she comes out next week and kills it with a perfect song choice, she might be gone way to early. She is the dark horse amongst the girls and with the right song choices; she will be here until the end.
5: Paige Miles: Another one of the girls who didn’t wow me. She didn’t do anything that makes her stand out in the competition. Everyone at this stage of the season knows how to sing and she clearly has a good voice, or else she wouldn’t have made it this far, but at this point the contestants need to start showing their artistic side and Paige did not do that. The girls in this competition are not that great and she is in the bottom half.
6: Siobahn Magnus: She showed a little potential when she hit that high note at the end of her performance this week, however, overall I didn’t like the performance. She is a kooky looking person and she doesn’t strike me as someone who would be able to sell albums to the American public. Like many others in this season she has a very powerful voice, but nothing she does stands out.
7: Lacey Brown: The red hair girl…she has an interesting voice, but she has yet to put it all together with the perfect song. The first week she sang a Debbie Downer song, and this week with her rendition of Kiss Me, while it was more upbeat, she still didn’t knock it out of the park. What has kept her in this competition so far, and what will keep her in it a little longer, unless she has a drastic improvement, is her distinct sound. It’s cute and catchy and America likes that kind of look and sound.
8: Didi Benami: I thought this performance was terrible, worst of the night and I can not believe that she is back for another week, when a girl like Michelle Delamor, who granted, had her issues, but looks and sounds a lot more like a professional singer than Didi, did not make it though, I don’t know how Didi did. She does have a country vibe to her but continues to choose the wrong songs and she will not be around for the foreseeable future unless she taps into the niche that makes her unique.

There you have the rankings of the girls and guys of season 9 of American Idol. Right now I think the top 4 overall are Casey James, Lilly Scott, Crystal Bowersox, and Andrew Garcia. This is their competition to lose, but don’t sleep on Lee Dewyze and Katie Stevens. Overall the season is pretty weak, but it still fun to watch as these artists grow week to week and adjust and adapt to the limelight and see who can pull it off and become America’s next Idol.


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